Podcasting Day: Turbo Teen with Tom Reimann 🌭

Turbo-Today on the Dogg Zzone 9000, we invite Turbo-Tom Reimann on to discuss one of our most treasured cultural touchstones:

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We discovered immediately that we were all desperate to talk about Turbo-Teen, the poor boy who was also a Trans Am. The ordinary high schooler with a car secret who was also sometimes a famous superhero operative? The helpless idiot who was maybe an unkillable death machine? Across thirteen car-boy episodes, animation maniacs Joe Ruby and Ken Spears created and destroyed an insane cartoon world where every detail was a new question or a forgotten previous detail. And again, we could not wait to talk about it. There is nothing any of us ever wanted to do more than this podcast about Turbo-Teen.

What else is there left to say? Bye, it was the best show! “Brett Matthews turns into a red sports car,” said the convincing human form of the franchise’s only toy! Turbo-Teen fucking rules and we will never forgive the ’80s for abandoning it.

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5 replies on “Podcasting Day: Turbo Teen with Tom Reimann 🌭”

I am looking forward to the Podcast tremedously and shall listen with glee once I am home to learn about this newly discovered level of insanity. Until then I only have questions: What? How? Why? Again Why? Are you sure, really? I hope the Podcast has the answers.

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