Teamworking Day: The Best FMV Wrestler Intro Tournament

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7 replies on “Teamworking Day: The Best FMV Wrestler Intro Tournament”

As soon as I saw this, I thought “boy, I hope they include that one where Kevin Nash tells the player NOT to pick him.”

Commenting before reading! If Ahmed Johnson doesnt win its a farce. Or as he would say “Heifer Medjons apple farts”.

Well, you cant win what youre not in so my pick was wrong. Alex Wright the German is my 2nd fav though.

Usually adding any context is stultifying venom, but I think this is an exception. The character Alex Wright played at the time of both these games was “German man who occasionally and with great reluctance stops dancing to club music and wrestles”, with his sole dance move rapidly thrusting his gigantic dong at the audience in time to the omph-omphs while wearing the shortest and tightest tights on the roster. His feuds largely revolved around squares who wanted him to stop dancing so they could wrestle. He was a beacon of light in troubled times.

Later he adapted to a new era, as all wrestlers must, by watching The
Matrix, dressing like a member of Rammstein and coldly renaming himself… Berlyn (sic).

Holy shit this brought back some buried nostalgia memories. Those intros were the best thing about those games

Man, if you guys follow this up (in the future of course) with a tournament of FMV promos from the WWF PS1 games, you guys will definitely win the internet. Well, continue to win the internet, as you do pretty much 5 days a week anyway.

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