Teamworking Day: The Congo Trading Card Game

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6 replies on “Teamworking Day: The Congo Trading Card Game”

My favourite Ernie Hudson fact is that in Torchwood: Miracle Day (the Starz miniseries in which a massive underground alien wall of meat makes death illegal), Ernie plays a corporate whistleblower who explains the entire central conspiracy to John Barrowman at dinner via a nail-biting twenty minute monologue of batshit interrupted only by Captain Jack Harkness going, “Huh, really?!”.

I wish all scriptwriters fixed plot holes with Ernie Hudson calmly explaining to the protagonist everything they need to know while they share a meal and it should take up at least 35% of the script.

I forgot about this!! Thank you for the reminder but I dont know if I can rewatch Torchwood, Owen is such a tool.

I can’t believe Seanbaby got a Herkermer Exodia and still lost. Ape Hubris is crazy OP.

I did a collector show (or it might have been Comic-Con — I can’t remember) with Ernie Hudson, Elvira, Marina Sirtis, and a few other semi-sorta-famous people. We were stuck out in the boondocks, everyone but me signing photos. Ernie was the only friendly one and we spent the whole time small-talking, because we were so far out in the nowhere of the exhibition-plex that there were hardly any people coming to the tables. Ernie Hudson is a mensch. I would explore a volcano jungle full of starving ancient cannibapes with him any time.

Came for Congo, got some EXTENDAR! Yay yay yay!
Extendar: To most (including adult me) he is a sign that creativity in the brand was incredibly low at the time, and a really flimsy toy as well. in a like of stout figures that can take a beating.
But to little me, he was motherfucking EXTENDAR! The undisputed, uninspiring CHAMPION OF THE TOYBOX WRESTLING FEDERATION!
Extendar DOMINATED the big blue WWE ring with only one rope left that hadnt broken. Took on all challengers, from The Peculiar Purple Pieman of Porcupine Peak (arattatatatata arattatta) to Shredder to Perceptor to nonarticulated rubber Andre the Giant. Didnt always win, but never really lost. Extendar was never averse to walking away and getting counted out to protect his reign. His career highlight was a match against Omega Supreme wherein he defeated his much larger opponent by literally tearing off his arms and legs and throwing him outside the ring to get counted out Berzerker style.
Thank you for sending me down that fun little memory road!
5 Snout Spouts could have wrecked him though.

If only they made playing cards that are Congo and Hunk themed, it’s such an obvious combination.

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