Upsetting Day: S Rob Magic

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9 replies on “Upsetting Day: S Rob Magic”

I joked in the comments of the Piledriver podcast that I am terrified by the level of catering, but now you are straight up featuring exhibits that are just abbreviations of my name? How the hell did you know that my idea for a rap name at 13 was “S Robs”? Is my entire existence just a small shred of fabric within the sorcery you weave to maintain this site? I’m seriously considering legally changing my name to my mother’s maiden-name (“Chapley”) and my least favourite item of clothes (pants) just to escape the 1900 curse.

Way more clever than my own attempts to put names to cranking it to fighting games. Tekken: The King Of Iron Fisting. Guilty Gear XXXrd. Blazblue Balls. Okay, I’m kinda proud of the last one.

May I someday have the confidence of a man who posts a video titled ‘Fountain of Youth Magic’ while looking like half of a Blues Brothers tribute band who was missing for several days and then found in a river.

‘Horrormail and it’s code are explained in the book Horrormail’ Fucking What? It has a code? If the code from Horromail doesn’t grant you entry to S Robbs magic room where he sews the werewolves and vampires together I don’t want to know.

I’ll need some strong evidence proving you guys didn’t make this person up.

And even so, im not discarding the possibility this website willed this maniac into existence by accident.

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