The Best Hot Dogs of 2022: Lydia Bugg Day! 🌭

Lydia Bugg, who was first among columnists and if the words of that dying warlock are to be trusted, she will be the last. Lydia came to us with expertise in obscure comic books and romance novels, and she’ll leave with a black belt in psychic scams and clown mouths. Who the fuck will stop her then? Not that warlock she killed, that’s for sure. 

Best of 2022 Lydia Day #1: Is Your Pet Psychic?

Most psychic grifters want the spotlight as much as they want the money. They’re the chosen ones, and only they can open your blocked chakras, foretell your impending disasters, or crash the Californian banking system with dream warfare. Lydia found the one pure and altruistic maniac who thinks your fat dog Chuckles is the true chosen one. This article is dedicated to Ken Ring, who is possibly some kind of domestic hog. 

Best of 2022 Lydia Day #2: Cooking with Garfield

You never know which article is going to fundamentally shift the entire Hot Dog mythos. Lydia set out to mock lazy cookbook authors hiding their shame behind a cartoon cat, and she found Nathan Mazri – cartoon-themed popup restauranteur and celibate antivax crypto scammer. Those are just the words we could fit into that sentence, here are more: He found his fursona in this article and it’s Dollar Store hustler Garfield. 

Best of 2022 Lydia Day #3: Unofficial 

Steve Buscemi 



It’s Lydia Bugg’s


Steve Buscemi



Sorry, we have to do that. Look what happens when we put all the words together on the same line-

It must be unicode or something.

Best of 2022 Lydia Day #4: Bokee’s Trek

Some writers would find a Tennessee Hobbit knock-off resort and think “that’s enough meat for an article.” Some would unearth the failed politician’s failure of a son behind it all and think “this will make my career.” Only Lydia would find the failed politician’s failure of a son’s insane book of IP theft explaining the fantasy lore behind the resort, and then mock its bestiary. In journalism terms, that’s called “Hot Dogging a story’s mouth hole.” Hey speaking of-

Best of 2022 Lydia Day #5: Adult Clown Mouth




                          ̷̣͎̂ ̴͔̙̯̀̓̂ ̸̢̖͊C̶̘͌͒͘L̷̺̝̐̃̐͜Ő̸̩̭W̷̺͊̕Ñ̵͍͚̪.̴̻͙̓͠



That fucking warlock was right.

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