Learning Day: How to Work for a Woman Boss

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2 replies on “Learning Day: How to Work for a Woman Boss”

Great article, I am ultra-curious about this person, who according to a brief Publisher’s Weekly review when it came out, was the head of her own pr firm but who has no other obvious presence or legacy on-line. That most sites selling or cataloguing the book list Paul R. Bern is either a sign of weird sexist homonym transference or a reveal of a potential pseudonymous author with a whimsical lack of creativity in coming up with other-gendered aliases.

Also, here is my 3000 word think piece on how ‘women bosses’ became ‘girl bosses’ and how this maps onto fifth wave feminist discourse:

Okay, but how do I get a free excommunication to Montana if my woman boss doesn’t want to finger my sweet holes?

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