Podcasting Day: Big WikiWhy with Alex Schmidt 🌭

This week we’re joined by Alex Schmidt, from the Secretly Incredibly Fascinating podcast, and right here. It’s the same guy! Secretly Incredibly Fascinating recently gained a co-host, Hot Dog staple and Barbarian Brother Katie Goldin, and also moved to the Maximum Fun network. Please go support them now. Secretly Incredibly Fascinating is a funny, intelligent, carefully researched and kind-hearted look at how even the smallest thing, if explored through the right lens, contains far more depth than you assumed.

Today, we’ll be doing the opposite of that in every way.

We’re playing a king-sized game of WikiWhy! If you don’t listen to the bonus podcasts, that’s extremely hurtful. But I’ll explain anyway: WikiWhy is a game of madness, ignorance, and banality. It’s about diving unprotected down the WikiHole, a wet and terrifying tube that eats knowledge and shits gibberish. 

You’ll need a certain amount of mental fortitude to survive this, so please take part in this exercise before listening. Carefully examine the following sloppy, confusing images, and then imagine what kind of how-to article they could possibly be helpful in. 

For the real answers, please listen wherever you get podcasts, and remember to subscribe and review. When that’s done, return here for your scores! If you didn’t subscribe and review first, the section below will be terrible nonsense to your traitor’s eyes.

1 to 3 = You’re a WikiWuss! You should not listen to this podcast, the damage will be irreversible. 

1 to 3 = What a WikiWarrior! You might survive but you will need a mouthguard.

7 to 3 = Burn the WikiWitch, you are fluent in stupid insanity and unsafe to be around.

18 to 18 = To a WikiWarlock, knowledge is pain and coherence will reverse an orgasm. Step 2, Undo the Yarn: Remember to always reverse yarn to return hair to animal. Simply rehair animal, then, undo again!

107,4= WikiWiki you are Wiki. Warnings: Never attempt while children. Success Stories: No. Bonus information! Try it while lying, or jump. It is always a crime. It is always a crime. 

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