Hot Dog Appreciation Day

Hot Dog Appreciation Day: How to Kiss Bigfoot

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5 replies on “Hot Dog Appreciation Day: How to Kiss Bigfoot”

Not me, my narrative arc requires a hubristic climb defined by ruthlessness and ingratitude, followed by a downfall besuited to the breadth and depth of my sins.

But then I chase every writer, patron, commentor, and reader down at the airport as you all crankily wait in line with the douchebag crypto bro you are collectively eloping with and he drones about electronic dog-dick futures and I whip up my shirt and project Food Fight!? across my torso and we get flashed married in the instant before I suicide by TSA.

dumb question but where are all these comments referenced in these Appreciation posts? They have “likes” unlike the comment type I’m posting now.

Where is the party located and what’s the secret password?

If I happened to go light and get hit with an NSF fee for my Patreon payment, could I be an honorary Supreme?

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