Podcasting Day: World Bodybuilding Championship, Part 2 with Dan McQuade 🌭

Welcome back to 1900HOTDOG’s coverage of Vince McMahon’s World Bodybuilding Federation Championship, Part 2, with special guest, Defector’s Dan McQuade! I’m suspiciously not Regis Philbin, and there will only be part of a podcast post this week because everybody got real sick. We are not on drugs. We were before, we’re not now, and we’re sorry about it – hold on, I don’t want you to get confused. We’re sorry we’re no longer on drugs, not that we ever did them. Which we’re not doing, this time, but absolutely did the last time. I just want you to understand why this post is worse than last week’s. Somebody should probably edit this intro, but they’re very, very sick and did not show up. Okay, it’s time for our show, everyone involved in it is a murderer.

That seems like an insane way to open a podcast post, the only thing crazier is that it’s exactly how the World Bodybuilding Federation Championship, Part 2 opened. The first WBFC was a pure celebration of steroid abuse, and was only conceived because the International Federation of Bodybuilding went drug-free and nobody explained to Vince McMahon why they did that. It’s literally the only reason the first WBFC existed: To be the steroid version of a big man competition. In the interim between parts 1 and 2 of the WBFC, somebody explained why they test for steroids in the only terms Vince McMahon understands – massive fines and lawsuits – but instead of quitting, he sunk even more millions of dollars into this now steroid-free bodybuilding competition which, again, only existed as a safe space for steroids. The original host of the WBFC, Regis Philbin, did not return, but Vince and Bobby “The Brain” Heenan joined as commentators, the show opened with Mean Gene Okerlund apologizing for a missing contestant and special guest, then continued with Vince McMahon apologizing for the bodies of the rest of his contestants with lies about an intestinal virus.

The bodybuilders also flew jets, murdered ninjas, and wrote their own raps. The commentators made a David Duke joke about a black contestant! You’ll probably believe this, but it was the worst performing Pay Per View event of all time. Come, listen to a beautiful disaster.

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