Upsetting Day: TikTok Shrimp Dance Man

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10 replies on “Upsetting Day: TikTok Shrimp Dance Man”

The last health inspector who went to this location has never returned home. He just wandered out into the forest crying about the things he has seen. Please come home Bob, your family miss you.

Oh crap. That is the funniest comment of the year. Congratulations. This is your trophy: I
It’s small because I didn’t want it to be bigger than the one I got for little league in second grade. I won it.

1PM seems late for a restaurant appealing to the lunch crowd, but the only thing weirder than this experience would be letting it happen at 11:30

Lydia Bugg continues to write sentences that would make me shoot shrimp out my nose laughing if I happened to be having a shrimp assault dance performed on me while reading. Love this site.

So does it make their face all stink up of shrimp? Who wants that? What is this awful curse?

Thank you for mentioning the chloroform hug. First thing I noticed was how practiced that move was. It made the whole shrimp dance feel like a way this guy has found to humiliate women in public so he doesn’t have to kill again so soon.

I have no idea why, but I always have issues trying to become a patron. I’m trying my damndest to pay you, and it isn’t working. Cmon guys, I’m kinda fucked over here.

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