Punching Day: 1001 Street Fighting Secrets

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12 replies on “Punching Day: 1001 Street Fighting Secrets”

Sammy, I don’t know how this passage about ancient Chinese horse logistics is going to prepare me to… ‘assign inferior and subhuman qualities to another person’?

Sammy, this is very important, are you telling me that step one in any fight is imagining that they’re a centaur, so I know to kick them in all the secret centaur weak points?

Oh my bad you were actually trying to get me to induce a racist fugue state, that does make more(?) sense.

In my head canon, it stands for “The Mother Fuckin’ Bad Ass Killing Machine.” And now that I’ve typed that, I realized that holy shit, that ABSOLUTELY accurately describes the Old Testament God!

Somewhere deep inside the earth, an ancient cog turned for the first time in countless millennia in response to your obviously accurate guess.

Remember to read your bullshit Eastern “Art of War” at least ten times before ignoring and rejecting all of it

–Some Dipshit

I read this today, took a nap, and then had a dream about being at Seanbaby’s birfday party on a big boat. I didn’t even know it was your birfday!

Sean keeps the date of his birth as secret as he keeps his forbidden American Stick Choke moves. Too many people have died from each.

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