Nerding Day: Sky Dancers and Dragon Flyz

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7 replies on “Nerding Day: Sky Dancers and Dragon Flyz”

Wr had one of the dancer toy, and I never realized this was a show. I was blind in more way than one!

Those things could motor like there was no tommarow. Every day I am thankful that my friends and I were stopped when we tried to, “improve their damage output,” with razor blades.

Our plan was to fire a few improved models at the wood pile, but knowing us it would not have stopped there.

I was going to criticise your suggestion that awesome cartoon themes require lyrics – and in way too strident a fashion, getting weirdly personal while also belligerently ranting about a whole host of unrelated, toxic grievances – but then I remembered that the Spider-Man theme had a robot muttering about radioactive blood under the Joe Perry guitar riff and that in each of the twenty million times I have heard the X-Men theme, I have made up my own lyrics (as has everyone else who has ever seen the opening).

The girls at my elementary school let me play with their Sky Dancers sometimes and honestly they kicked ass. I actually remember seeing Dragon Flyz on store shelves too but thought they looked really hideous.

I’m pretty sure these are the toys where that Old Internet viral vid of a kid uses one they’ve just opened for Christmas and it flies straight into an open fire. So really, they’ve added more to the world than their creators would ever have expected.

I guess Nick didn’t air the shows, because I never heard of them in spite of seeing the commercials eight billion times. If they aired here it was probably at 6am Saturdays for some insane reason.

*Has always been a night person*

The weirdest gendered toy franchise was She-Ra. The cartoon was pretty much just Rule 63 He-Man, but the toy line was princesses-only, and all the cool characters from the She-Ra cartoon were part of the He-Man toy line.

The mini-comics that came with the She-Ra toys just had her fighting Catra all the time. I think Hordak gets mentioned once, in the first issue, where they tell the kids to watch the cartoon to learn She-Ra’s origin story.

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