Upsetting Day: ReelShort TV

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6 replies on “Upsetting Day: ReelShort TV”

Forbidden Alpha reminds me of a very specific subgenre of fanfic, except instead of being about a bunch of hot dudes having sex and it’s all based on obsolete wolf science because somebody had an awakening during science class, it’s about actual werewolves getting slightly threateningly married.

I’m pretty sure that the robots, raised by us, are just making mean, sarcastic parodies and grifting with them, then retreating to their cyber-chats to laugh at the flesh bag suckers at hyper-speed.

Someone just asked chatGPT to program an app that scams people with the same business model as quiby and that shits been running by itself ever since. Its the easiest explanation.

i guess part of the program just automatically emails an AI generated script to every English speaking non-unionised actor in the planet with instructions on how to record themselfs and upload the footage for 10 bucks.

I hate to go there but that’s not a real baby right? There’s some kind of filter that gives you a baby for when you need to scam hearts. I choose to believe this.

This is just Lezhin but for slightly scandalous shorts instead of pornographic webcomics isn’t it.

that this exists is blowing my mind, surely SURELY it can’t be what it looks like at face value? It’s gotta be some kind of sex thing, right? Or an organised crime code thing?

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