Podcasting Day: Rollergames with Fryda Wolff 🌭

This week we’re talking to voice actor, skate warrior, and elven bootyshaker Fryda Wolff about Rollergames, 1989’s rollerskating predecessor to American Gladiators. It was worse than Gladiators in every single way, but those ways had the decency to be fascinating. The characters were less likable, but there were 60 of them and they were all constantly demolishing one another. The gimmicks were less memorable, but they were totally unhinged: Astrological mercenaries, elder abuse, choreographed fights and unchoreographed head explosions! The games were sloppier and more confusing, but they did have live alligators. Everything was horny! Every single part of it got its own expositional theme song. It was 1989 and we were invincible. We thought we’d last forever. We made Rollergames so the future could see we were unafraid. Come listen to the proof of it.

Gamba us on Gamba! Or Gamba us on Gamba! Gamba! GAMBA!

6 replies on “Podcasting Day: Rollergames with Fryda Wolff 🌭”

Hilarious descriptions of Verhoevenian hyper-real pop culture tesseracts are why I get up in the morning (and why I give off a whiff of disappointment most days).

Great, now I have both the roller gator and superfights themes stuck in my head and no one will understand!

So I found an alternate of the first episode, where they show the Debbie Harry, Lita Ford, and Warrant performance. Man, this is clearly not a good time in Debbie’s life.

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