Podcasting Day: The Book of the Demon Star with Lydia Bugg 🌭

By the hoary rites of the goose-pawed Ipes, we have summoned our own Lydia Bugg to this Dogg Zzone 9000 to read with us from the Book of the Demon Star by Diablito Al Ghoul, a yoga maniac filled with semen, trained by the ninja, and powered by Satan’s cousin’s adopted son-in-law. A dark curse upon you, for soon after listening to the podcast, you will have a full understanding of all of that!

Maybe we should start from the beginning. Brockway found a very powerful book documenting a forbidden power combining every element of all stupid shit. From the seed of fallen angel Samael came Asmodeus, and this is he in all his glory:

Asmodeus was illustrated by the only one who can see him, lonely Facebook user Diablito Al Ghoul, and this is he in all his glory:

Diablito has mastered arts most wizards or ninjas would find unthinkable. He can form time bubbles. He can read minds. He communes with demons to have sex with other demons, maybe. It’s impossible to be sure because all three of us spent most of this book very confused. But don’t be mistaken– Diablito Al Ghoul is no nerd. Here’s a drawing he made of a demon he slept with (during one of the rare circumstances where his sorcerer discipline allows him to ejaculate):

Listen with someone you love, or by yourself and then warn that person you love of our newfound powers. And by the sticky goose hands of Ipes, we command you to click the like or subscribe buttons on your podcast platform. For extensive footnotes, see below.


2 replies on “Podcasting Day: The Book of the Demon Star with Lydia Bugg 🌭”

So if fruit gives you power over time, space, and magic are we all doomed for making fun of Corey Feldman and his angels? I feel we just found out one of Corey’s many dark secret that his angels are all summoned demons who are bound to do his will.

This podcast is what Seanbaby spent his whole life training for. If he had died at the end, it would have been a fulfilling narrative.

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