Podcasting Day: Baywatch Nights with Mark Mahoney 🌭

It’s Podcasting Day! And this week on the Dogg Zzone 9000, we welcome back Mark Mahoney who brought with him two episodes from his German Baywatch Nights DVD. Did you know the show about lifeguards dealing with beach problems spun off into a show about lifeguards panicking at the supernatural? David Hasselhoff had no way of dealing with wolfmen or time vikings, and we knew it. Everyone knew it. Including the screenwriters. Every episode they copy and pasted “MITCH BUCHANNON, handsome, late 40s, shits his fucking pants” onto every page of the script. And then David Hasselhoff would pencil in, “which the nearby babes love.”

Baywatch Nights was a howling cocaine fight of an idea that appealed to no one and the budget reflected that. The costume designers, special effect makeup artists, and action choreographers thought “lifeguard vampire mysteries” was a prank so they didn’t show up to work for two entire seasons. By the laws of our universe it is impossible for this to exist, but you can listen to us talk about it… here. Or any other podcast place.

Oh! Supporters of our illustrious and fantastic Patreon ( can tune in for a bonus podcast featuring the first and probably final episode of “Super Catchphrase” where Mark and Brockway use a 1978 DC Superheroes children’s dictionary to assemble the perfect catchphrase! It’s the Baywatch Nights of bonus podcast episode ideas! Speaking of, to help you calibrate for the main show, here is an extremely faithful recreation of a scene from Season 2, Episode 9, “VampirgeflΓΌster.” Enjoy:

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