Upsetting Day: That Bank Teller From Dragged Across Concrete

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6 replies on “Upsetting Day: That Bank Teller From Dragged Across Concrete”

I think just the part of the movie about her took place in her head in the milliseconds between the gunshot and her head exploding. She had the idle thought of wanting kids one day and this thought became the whole world in that instant simply because of proximity.

Also, this guy made his opinion of women and their role vis-a-vis babies by the end of Bone Tomahawk. Fuck did I like The Proposition more.

this is how David Cage aspires to write. not ham-handedly, but wielding an entire pig on each fist, trying to beat the player to death with EEEmoootion

If you love ham-fisted melodrama and brutal Robocop-Inspired mom deaths then 2018 was definitely your movie year.

So I looked at the Wikipedia article about this movie. It turns out that Armond White (the critic who hits himself in the face with a shovel before every writing review because concussions really show the academy what he thinks of them) called this one of the top 20 movies of all its entire decade, along with such winners as Batman v. Superman, Man of Steel, Adventures of Tintin, and the Dwayne Johnson-Mark Wahlberg bodybuilding action comedy Pain & Gain.

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