Teamworking Day: The Aliens of Mount Kailas

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4 replies on “Teamworking Day: The Aliens of Mount Kailas”

I read Don Farto every single time as Scott Auckerman’s impression of Don Pardo, but he is introducing himself but his last name is Farto instead of Pardo. Eh, you get what I’m saying.

The mist is covering the temple..

Huge self burn talking about unwise people talking too much while he bloviates for 82 pages.

This is *slightly* unrelated, but I made it 2 paragraphs through this article to the name “Don Farto” before having the sudden urge to Google the star wars character “Mons Pubis”.

You had me going for like a decade you son of a bitch, I absolutely didn’t question it at all😤

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