Teamworking Day: Liddy and Schmidty’s Napoleon, Parte Two

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4 replies on “Teamworking Day: Liddy and Schmidty’s Napoleon, Parte Two”

Everything you two say about this movie is true. I enjoyed it for all the wrong reasons. The French hate this movie, not hard to see why. Was Ridley Scott going for some kind of Death of Stalin thing? History as farce? This movie could have been any of many different interesting story but chose to be Hat. I liked the hats though. By the end I was thinking I might like one of my own

Back in uni one of my history professors said that the other reason they didn’t kill him is because the kings of Europe didn’t want to “set a precedent.” If you kill this guy anointed by the Pope, what about this fucker that has his own church. Their church guy doesn’t have nearly as big of a hat.

Thinking on that makes me pessimistic of Current Events.

(After the quote was my tangent, the the prof’s. Though that would have made an interesting class.)

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