Upsetting Day: Wake in Fright

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7 replies on “Upsetting Day: Wake in Fright”

I looked this up after reading this. Apparently the movie is pretty authentic to the novel and is adored by critics because of how uniquely unsettling it is. Martin Scorcese loved it, apparently.
This was a very fun read, but it’s actually made me genuinely curious to see the film.

Australia is a simple place with simple rules. 1) Everything wants you to die. 2) Beer. It is why their national weapon is the boomerang- you can’t throw it unless you are pissed and it hates that you did throw it so it comes back to try and kill you.

As an Australian, I’m a bit offended. This doesn’t really represent the whole country. We have several subtle levels of apocalyptic nightmare…

1: Coastal cities: Tennis hipster moustache cold drip, “I’ve made some notes that I think might help your band” apocalyptic nightmare.

2: Queensland: Racist as fuck flag shagging malarial swamp apocalyptic nightmare.

3: Tasmania: Once quaint now ‘edgy’ and unaffordable, homeless locals pitching tents on the football field apocalyptic nightmare.

4: The middle bit: ….yeah ok. Wake in Fright is pretty accurate. I would also point to Mad Max and the Aussie version of Conan. It’s called ‘Conan the dead set cunt’ and it’s just 25 minutes of a man fucking a meat pie.

Specifically became a patron just so I could say, thank you for discussing my country’s second finest cultural output (the first being the Tim Tam).

It’s funny how I can read the phrase “Ren & Stimpy extreme closeups” and hear a foghorn sound effect in my head.

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