Punching Day: Street Survival

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2 replies on “Punching Day: Street Survival”

I laughed at the photo of the guy on the roof with a knife being beaten by three officers with their three hundred sixty degrees of stick.

You know the story behind that is they had the guy stuck on the roof where it was impossible for him to hurt anyone, but they were getting bored. So they took the time to get two ladders plus went inside the house and unlocked the window, now giving him the option to get all stabby and three possible avenues of escape.

“Hh. Try 100%, kid. The world’s not all ice cre– aaAAH WAS THAT A GUNSHOT OR A NUT!? Officer taking fire!”

Yeah, I saw that video. If anything could be described as wacky while also being terrifying, that video would be it.

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