Learning Day: Science 4 for Christian Schools

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6 replies on “Learning Day: Science 4 for Christian Schools”

This article is Wicked and against the Lord, which I have proven by dousing my computer with Holy Water, instantly removing the article and its Wickedness from my sight.

The computer is now refusing to show me anything, be it Wicked or Righteous, but computers are the most mysterious of God’s tubed plants and no science can explain how they work.

This made me feel sadder and dumber than I was before I read it, but at the very least I can rest assured that I am nowhere near as sad or stupid as the actually people who wrote, and believe, in this nonsense.

Wow, Learning is everywhere, and everywhen! Learning is in Nerding Day, Fucking Day, and even Punching Day! But now God has opened my (inexplicable) eyes to see that Learning truly belongs to Upsetting Day, and not that cheap space whore Moon, that’s for sure.

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