Podcasting Day: No Right Answers, with Hana Michels! 🌭

It’s time for the 9000 best parts of Wednesday: the Dogg Zzone 9000! This week we’re revisiting my ultimate quiz game show gaming showdown of knowledge, opinions, and persuasion: No Right Answers, with special guest Hana Michels!

Listen here or wherever you do podcasts, unless you’re Hollywood star Taylor Kitsch because I think we’re going to hurt your feelings.

If you missed episode one, the rules of the game are simple: The Answermaster gives the Answerblaster a “question” and they give their “best” answer. If it matches the Answermaster’s Correct Answer, that makes it the Right Answer and they win. If it doesn’t, their opponent, the Arbiter, judges which one is closest to the Right Answer. But look out! The Arbiter can steal! And betray! It’s chaos! Because of the game itself and because it turns out Hana’s instincts are more unpredictable than the box office returns on a Taylor Kitsch film!

Enjoy! And you can help the show by subscribing and reviewing. Not doing that is like hiring Taylor Kitsch for your movie– we lose $180 million every single time.


Brockway just listened to this week’s My Brother, My Brother and Me posted on Monday, 11/8, which covers the same WikiHow page used in his bonus game. He would like it on the record that our bonus episode was recorded on October 27th and uploaded on 11/7. We told him it’s not a big deal, and that nobody cares. He got real quiet and disappeared for a few minutes, then came back with the following image and went in the backyard to eat an entire loaf of bread (he is not supposed to have bread).

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HARD FUCKING YES to River City Ransom. I screamed hell yeah and stopped the podcast just to come here and say it might still be the best beat-em-up of all time, let alone nes game.

That dog isn’t a dodgers fan, *Hana*! The owners just dress it up in costumes without consideration for the animal’s taste in sports teams!

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