Hot Dog Year in Review: The Very Best Teamworking Days of 2021 🌭

In 2021, we formed the ultimate Tag Team to take down some of the mightiest comedy material. Material too dense and terrifying for one comedy writer alone, material that would rapidly age and destroy any one solo comedian who dared approach it with fear in their heart. But all of this magnificent material fell easily before our patented combo attack: The Crotch Stomp (x2). Please enjoy the very best of our Teamworking Days, all free!


Ron Merk had a dream: To bone as many San Francisco bartenders as he could, under the guise of making a show about them. Then a better idea came to him: A drama about the San Francisco gay club scene that quickly spirals out of control, encompassing serial killers, mimics, street samurai, and the actual devil! That dream was called Cocktails, and now we all dream it. Every night. Nothing else.

Dirty Tennis

It’s like nothing else that has ever been made– a guide to playing tennis obnoxiously for aging actors with unlimited budgets and no shame. It’s a tiny fraction of a bad idea stretched across 33 earth minutes and probably made at gunpoint. Dirty Tennis stars Dick Van Patten alongside Olympic gold medalist Caitlyn Jenner, and humankind called it “an unthinkable betrayal; we will not forgive you.”

The Thrilling World of Men Showdown

The concept was madness. The finished product was insanity. We drafted story titles from ’60s man magazines and battled them like pet monsters in a game with loose rules and even looser women. Get your eggs ready to fly down our stacks, because we are bringing back the Bitch of Bingh Kan.

Couch Potato Workout

We got through Dirty Tennis only to discover it wasn’t the only “parody” anti-instructional VHS out there. So set your burgers to cheese and fart your wife’s meatloaf ready, couch fans! It’s fart for Couch Potato Workout!


Among the stars, flower perverts and sentient poop clash in battles of laser! Photon was a game! A television program! A book series! A horror immediately forgotten by history! It’s the reason 1984 landfills were mostly safety helmet: Photon: The Ultimate Game on Planet Earth*!

* It wasn’t that or there

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