Punching Day: Ninja Mind Control 🌭

Ashida Kim, ninja, wrote several books on how to become a silent agent of death, and at least one semi-autobiographical novel about his time as a top secret sex spy. He has a standing deathmatch combat challenge to anyone who can solve his deathmatch combat challenge payment and rule stipulations riddle, which no one has ever done. And in 1985, he published…

If you’re anything like I was in 1985, you’re about to have your heart broken by Ninja Mind Control. The first two thirds of the book confess, over and over, there’s no such thing as Ninja mind control. It’s mostly instructions on how to dress up like a Ninja and then hold very still while you think about different organs. Ashida, which isn’t his real first name, also describes a few common magic tricks. Ninja Master Kim, which isn’t his real last name, title, or job, seems to think that if you used a different book to become a magician, you’d sure look like a real Ninja.

Again, there is no such thing as real mental powers here. This is a poorly educated man with no encyclopedia or Internet trying to remember something he once heard about hypnosis. For a kid in the ’80s, it was like buying the book Santa Claus is Real and finding it only had one chapter called “Okay, He Isn’t, but People do Break Into Children’s Houses.”

Anyway, after 80 pages of costumed meditation tips, Ninja Mind Control finally gives up on its premise and shows you the death moves of the Ninja! I love them so much I’m not even going to do anything cute– this is just the Top 11 Ninja Mind Control Techniques.

It may sound strange for hidden assassins to begin a murder with a gentlemanly flourish, but the CEREMONIAL BOW is important to help us remember this is some hillbilly maniac making shit up.

A bow is nice, sure, but in true Ninja fashion, it’s also a trick. Ashida Kim uses them as a sneaky way to figure out his opponent’s fighting style. If they bow with their arms at their sides, prepare for Karate. If their hands retract and get replaced by scissors, you’ll know to adjust your blows for robot. Ashida does admit it’s hard to squeeze in a CEREMONIAL BOW during a different Ninja’s ambush, but in that case you can avoid combat by giving your attacker a password. Nowhere in his book does Ashida Kim offer this password to the reader because even the polite advice of a master Ninja will kill you.

Speaking of lethal, a bow isn’t only for honoring your opponent. If done correctly, it protects you from any state or county laws against murder. The CEREMONIAL BOW is how you tell witnesses, “Everything’s okay; it was his fault I killed him.” I’m not explaining it very well. I’ll let Ashida run you through the details:

You probably remember the court case Kim v. Moonwolf where the presiding judge famously said, “Am I reading this right? It says here on the police report that multiple witnesses saw the defendant bow at the victim’s body? If that’s true, why was this brought before my court? The victim was warned. Ninja warned. Mister Kim, on behalf of justice, I apologize for wasting your time and the court’s time with this. You’re free to go. Whisper poison 1073.”

Oh my god, do you guys think that bit at the end could have been the password?

Imagine holding a sheet in front of you with both hands, except don’t imagine it. Really hold a sheet in front of you with both hands, and to see if you’re holding it correctly, imagine this Ninja not holding a sheet was:

So the idea behind DRAGON-SPREAD WINGS is to take the psychologically devastating bluff of a kitty cat standing sideways, and apply it to human battles. A warrior will think twice before attacking someone the size of a sheet, which they very well could be behind that sheet they’re holding. At the very least it’s an “intimidating gesture” that will “remind observers about Ninjas using capes to appear larger.” And if holding up a sheet alone isn’t enough (it will be), you could throw it over their head so they can’t see. Ashida’s mind is like this– an endless waterfall of deadly ideas while he changes the sheets on his brother-in-law’s futon. Where you and I might see a bullfight and think “bullfight,” Ashida Kim thinks, “yes, but perhaps also manfight.” The point is, you should always be wearing a Ninja cape in case you need to double in size or blind up to six enemies.

Footwork is an underrated aspect of martial arts. A world class fighter can baffle opponents and prevent attacks before they’re thrown with angles and distance. Ashida Kim has taken that philosophy and added the theatrics of stage magic to create HALF STEP, the coolest, deadliest way to move a little bit forward. 

So to recap, during the fury of a raging death match, you raise both your hands as if holding a sheet or cape. This will distract the enemy from your sneaky back foot creeping ever closer. Close enough for groin. Close enough for death.

One of the problems with learning poison foot techniques from a book is that it’s hard to understand how to apply them from a single photo. Ashida Kim, wise Ninja, knows this, so he included a second photo demonstrating the practical application. Let’s take a look:

That clears up all my questions. Thanks, Ashida.

There is a Toddler philosophy where if someone can’t see you, that counts as invisible. So if you walk out of someone’s eyeline, you have vanished. But Toddler legs are wobbly and Toddler socks are slippery, so keep your arms raised for balance as you sneak behind people. Hold on, something’s wrong. Shit, somehow the word “Ninja” in this paragraph got replaced with “Toddler.” Wait, that’s weird– it works both ways?

The application of the MI LU STEP (PIVOT) is… well, here, I’ll just show you:

You can’t see him, but the Ninja is there, behind the confused Karate man who foolishly blinked near a Ninja. From here, the invisible, or behind him, Ninja can shadow the man indefinitely while he wonders why everyone keeps calling him “you two.” It reminds me of what they tell you on the first day of Ninja school: if you’re not already invisible and behind a man, the person with an invisible man behind them is you. Then half the class gets B’s and the other half gets headstones.

So, okay, Ashida Kim is obviously an idiot whose last thought will be, “this lawnmower blade is moving pretty fast; I’ll have to time this just right,” but let’s be clear: he sincerely thinks I can jump behind someone while they’re blinking, and not a single person has ever believed in me like that. This book rules.

Part of what makes Ashida Kim special is how he thinks any physical contact between two human bodies is a mangling train accident. Here, he breaks down the raw devastation of the SCRAPING SIDEKICK.

First, gently Ninja-shove your foot into your enemy’s shin. This shatters their leg, obviously, but you’re not done. Scrape your sock down the remains of their shin to step on their foot. You’ve already maimed, Ninja, but now you’ve annoyed. Let’s see it in action:

The impact has crippled him, the scrape has tortured him, and now the foot has trapped him. Like a fading culture reduced to several overused allegories, Ashida Kim wastes no part of the kick. And as long as that Ninja with all 140 pounds of his weight on his back leg rests his foot there, his enemy can only stand in place and scream. Plus, since his sister’s cat never poops in the litter box, I guess his toes count as fecal bacteria syringes? Basically, Karate Man is already dead fifteen different ways and as long as someone sees Ashida Kim bow, the law can’t do shit about it.

Here’s some Ninja Mind Control for you: FUCKING PUNCH TO THE FACE.

So let me try to explain. What you want to do here is take a fist, right, and if you’re with me so far, you swing it into your enemy’s head. Hey, Ashida. What are we doing here, man? Did you write the first ninja book for squids? How are you introducing the very concept of bashing someone with a human hand 67 moves into your deathmatch book? This was 1985. Did you think your readers were watching Knight Rider and saying, “He’s getting out of his talking car and, my god, what is he doing to that man with his haaaand!? Wait, I know! I’ll find a book on it at my local thrown stars shoppe!”

This punching section gets dumber, but dumb in a way we can use. Here’s his POWER PUNCH training advice:

So after introducing you to “punch,” Ashida tells you to “practice it a few times” with hate in your heart, but a careful kind of hate. It’s ridiculous and stupid, but it lets us establish how long Ashida Kim thinks it takes to prepare for battle. A typical boxing coach might have you train twice a week for six months before your first amateur bout. That’s roughly 75 hours of training and maybe 60,000 punches. Again, Ashida Kim is an idiot con-man who no one could possibly take seriously, but if you did, this proves he’s sending his readers into death matches with approximately .00005% the training of the least experienced boxer imaginable. That being said, boxers train far less in cape dancing, so in a straight style-versus-style matchup things might even out.

When I bought a guide to Ninja mind control and saw it was actually about how to tear a phone book in half I felt the same way you would: oh fucking hell yeah.

As Ashida Kim mentions, you might see this kind of DRAGON CLAW technique from a Black Dragon ryu Ninja, which translates to Black Dragon dragon Ninja because everything about this is awesome. To learn this move, what you want to do is grab a book with your hands and rip that shit in half. It’s useful for disposing of junk mail or rupturing the rectus abdominis, but you can also use it to squeeze the consciousness out of a man’s skull. I use this for everything now. Let the record show, if you ever find a dead body and it wasn’t ripped in half by a man’s hands, I didn’t do it.

A mind is easier to control if it has no eyes. Let’s learn the DOUBLE THUMB GOUGE.

The sequence of events is unclear, but I think you take off your Ninja mask and make a scary face before you remove their eyes. Otherwise this would be silly. And it’s not silly. It’s a deadly serious manual for invisible warriors written by an unconvicted mass murderer and sex spy.

One element of Ninja mind control known only to the Black Dragon ryu clan is called “SAND IN THE EYES.” Its only known defense is the blindfold, and before you get any ideas, Ashida Kim, I’m already wearomg ome.

Ninja Mind Control says SAND IN THE EYES is great for beginner Ninjas because it’s hard to fuck up, and if you do, you can just leave. Unless they have glasses or eyelids and run faster than you. I think we might need to have a backup plan in case our cape draping, fist-swinging, shin kicking, or sand throwing don’t work. Let’s learn COIN TOSS.

This one is pretty much what it sounds like, Ninjas– gently tossing your enemies whatever they ask for.

So if you are ever mugged, presumably in your Ninja costume, what you want to do, as a silent master of the impossible, is, in the great tradition of your Mighty Ancestors, pay them to not kick your ass. If you keep your cash in gold coins, great, that means you can also try throwing your treasure into the air and running away. Ha. Good luck beating you up while everyone is scrambling to get your coveted Ninja treasure. Sorry, I’m already gloating for you and I haven’t even shown you the full technique. Study Figures 57 and 58 until your surrender form is perfect. Then see below to learn how to be a total little baby coward, even in your wildest fantasies, with a partner:

For advanced COIN TOSS practitioners, try adding an asthmatic whine or urination. And you’re going to want to practice saying, “Hnngh! You can have anything, just let me live, you bandit!” until you’ve removed all sexual suggestion from it. Or vice versa, naughty Ninja.

If you knew anything about ninjas, you already knew MONKEY STEALS THE PEACH was going to be number one.

It’s the classical name for the upward groin slap. Here’s how you apply it to your training partner’s balls:

This move will tear a dick off, and it tells a real story about how often Ashida Kim uses his dick when he explains, “if you happen to have energy blast powers this could also be an effective way to hurt someone.” He probably has handfuls of genitals in his garage and tells his cats, “I don’t know what these things do, but they sure do come off easy!” Hey, why are you still reading this? I just taught you 11 ways to Ninja mind control. Go take the night, silent dick ripper.

This article was brought to you by our fine sponsor and Hot Dog Supreme: Rich Joslin, fingerblasting master of the Monkey Peach Ryu style.

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Yes!! My friends and I used to laugh our asses off at this when we were kids. Same publishing house that put out that “scams for cheaters” book you guys covered a while ago.

Actually, the publisher, Paladin Press, is kind of worthy of an article themselves. Their entire library was basically just books that taught you how to do crime, badly, since it was pretty obvious the same one or two guys wrote all of them and had never so much as jaywalked. They got in trouble for their one book on how to murder your neighbors and get away with it: two or three murders were committed following the book as a guide and the killer was caught immediately because of course they were. Paladin lost the ensuing lawsuit and subsequently started adding a forward to their books blaming the families of the murder victims for suppressing their free speech.

Oh yeah and one of the founders ran Soldier of Fortune and supported apartheid by recruiting racists to fight for it in Africa. So fun stuff there.

Yeah. On second review I think this specific book was put out by another publisher, but a bunch of Kim’s books were released by Paladin, which he mentions proudly on his website (on a page where he bitches about people that have talked smack and him no less).

NVM, this one’s Paladin too, though it seems like he had a falling out with them and sought other publishers later. Kim points out that another famous fake martial artist, Ha Ha Lung, was a pen name for one of Paladin’s (white) staff members. Which, like, thanks for pointing that out Kim, but that’s literally what your whole career is based on.

“The point is, you should always be wearing a Ninja cape in case you need to double in size or blind up to six enemies.”

Way ahead of you, Seanbaby.

Holy hell, i cant believe there are others reading Ashida kims material in 2022. I actually bought a copy of The Amorous Adventures of Ashida Kim. Myself and my wife read it on a livestream and it was…something. If you want a copy of it, let me know! It’s a PDF so it will save you the 50 bucks Kim charges for his deeply un-erotic ninja erotica. I’ve loved your stuff since the 1Up days and you are a massive influence on my YT videos!

So, let me see if I understand this Dragon-Spread Wings idea: if you get attacked while wearing your ninja gear, you carefully unlatch your cape (a thing ninjas are not known for having and would in fact impede movement and potentially make noise while sneaking around) and then hope your opponent stands still for long enough that you can throw the cape on him? Right?

BUT THEN, in the half-step section, Ninja Sensei Kim says to perform this without the cape, purely as a diversionary tactic? I know we’re playing make-believe here, but are we throwing capes on people or not?

In Dayton, Ohio Way back in the early 1990s a dojo actually opened specifically to teach the methods of Ashida Kim. It was run by a “ninja master” who claimed to have traveled the world with Kim and had actually been his star pupil. Although he claimed that Kim did not award traditional belt ranks he claimed that his level of mastery would be about that of a sixth degree black belt.

Now for a little backstory. Starting in the late ’80s I had a friend who became very involved with martial arts. He actually trained at a legitimate dojo and dedicated quite a bit of time to it. In addition to being a physical fitness buff he also learned to speak Japanese fluently and has even traveled to Japan a few times.

Through his contacts in the Dayton martial arts community he happened across this so-called self-proclaimed ninja master.

Keep in mind Dayton Ohio is also the home of Stephen K. Hayes who also had his school there. If a white guy who lived in Dayton was going to claim the credentials of Ninja Master it was probably going to be Steven Hayes as opposed to the gentleman I’m talking about.

There was no internet back then to easily verify things so my friend was actually somewhat intrigued by the supposed masters stories. It didn’t take too long for my friend to begin noticing some holes in the ninja’s story but he was willing to overlook them because the “ninja” was amiable enough and obviously knew at least some martial arts.

By this time word had begun to spread around Dayton of this new super secret ninja master in town. So that when he opened his dojo (conveniently located in the basement of and already established dojo for authenticity) he actually had a fair number of students sign up to learn the secrets of Ashida Kim.

As you might expect things began to fall apart rather quickly. Students who had trained with legitimate martial artists including Stephen K. Hayes began to realize that they were being taken for a ride. Many of them including my friend got their hands on the Kim books which revealed the deception even more. They also realized that if the author of the books is a fraud most likely his star pupil is too.

It wasn’t all smoke and mirrors though. He did have some legitimate skills to keep the ruse going. At one point during all of this I had injured my foot to the point that it couldn’t even bear weight. The “ninja” was able to use some pressure point techniques to make the pain pretty seriously subside. The pain never really did return full force and a few days later I was able to have a doctor actually treat it.

Another reason for the dojo beginning to fail was that there were very little martial arts techniques actually being taught. I was convinced to tag along for a class once. In place of the expected fight techniques there were a whole lot of conspiracy theories. The entire class was almost all a sit-down lecture on conspiracy theories. Reptilians, Illuminati, The New World Order, mind control, pretty much all the popular theories were there.

About 6 months after the dojo opened the “Ninja” was mugged by who he described as a “crackhead with a gun” while on his way to visit McCook’s adult theater. He had apparently just cashed his entire paycheck (from being a metal worker not a ninja) and lost all of it in the robbery. His personal motto of

“Only a ninja can defeat another ninja.”

Quickly became

“Only a ninja or a crackhead with a gun can defeat another ninja.”

He probably should not have told that story in class.

Within a year or so the dojo was closed.

Somewhat interestingly he didn’t lose all of his students though. He had a core group of about 3 or 4 that decided to stick with him no matter what.

The last I had heard from him is that he had lost part of his hand and a few fingers attempting to fire a homemade gun made entirely from plastic plumbing parts.

My friend had already seriously curtailed contact with him and this was pretty much the deciding factor for him to just end the friendship altogether.

If you read that entire thing thank you.

That’s my story of a man who attempted to open a real business based solely on the teachings of Ashida Kim.

This is an incredibly erotic book that teaches you how to do elaborate mating dances and how to fondle your lover’s shins and genitals.

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