The Best Hot Dogs of 2022: Nerding Day 🌭

Our nerd readers had it so good in 2022. Which is weird because 1900HOTDOG is almost entirely staffed by ass-crushing muscle studs. Weird. Anyway, here are our best Nerding Day articles.

Best of 2022 Nerding Day #1: The Troubling Puzzles of Karly by Seanbaby

There aren’t a lot of people who would go over to their friend’s house, take a picture of his girlfriend’s jigsaw puzzles, make fun of them for 3000 words, and then publish that shit on their actual wedding day. But Seanbaby is that person. Congratulations to everyone who knows him.

Best of 2022 Nerding Day #2: Joe 90 by Brockway

Never trust a puppeteer. And okay, right now you’re either saying “duh,” or some kind of plastic clacking noise as your kidnapper’s strings manipulate your jaw. Either way, the puppets are coming for all of us and articles like this will at least give you a fighting chance.

Best of 2022 Nerding Day #3: Alpha Flight vs. Pink Pearl by Lydia Bugg

It’s hard to believe Marvel comics ever survived an era when one of their professional writers could tell an editor, “What if, like, a morbidly obese woman took out Canada’s top superheroes? And I don’t mean she’s got amazing powers and unrelated obesity. I mean she just has obesity. Oh, obesity powers! That gives me a good idea: SQUISHY SUFFOCATION BOOBS. Anyway, I’ll have it on your desk by EOD.”

Best of 2022 Nerding Day #4: M.A.S.K. by Brockway

It’s the story of 28 episodes of cartoon vehicle combat, but in many ways, it’s the story of everyone. We all wear masks to hide our true selves and control our transforming motorcycle. Honk! Honk! It’s M.A.S.K. coming at you at number 4 on our year end Nerding Day countdown! And bow wow WOW, it’s a real hot dog sizzler! What’s happening, help, text NO to +1900468 for a chance to free me from this! Standard rates may be human toes.

Best of 2022 Nerding Day #5: How to Draw Sexy Anime Girls by Seanbaby

We celebrated an entire Anime Week this year, and Sean did his best to dodge it. He thought writing about a terrible anime drawing book would technically count, plus keep him away from the impenetrable perversion of Japanese cartoons. Unfortunately, he stumbled onto a book grifting conspiracy far more perverse and unethical than anything he could have imagined. He fucking knew this was going to happen during Anime Week and still hasn’t forgiven Brockway for it. Happy Hot Dog Nerding Days everyone!

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