Punching Day: PUNCHES

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2 replies on “Punching Day: PUNCHES”

Could you imagine how frustrating it would be for him if you walked up and gave him a strong hug and refused to release him? I mean, obviously you would have to be bulletproof to approach this bugfuck racist shitheel, but once all of his guns were stripped of him you would only need the strength of a teenager to keep him trapped for as long as you wanted. Whispering into his ear, “It is okay sweetheart, your daddy ain’t coming out of hell to hurt you and so you can let it all go. You can cry as much as you want, you let it all out honey,” and other affirming messages of love and self-acceptance the whole time as his shame at being held and ego-defining existential terror obliterate every part of his mind and he experiences a level of discomfort without pain that would go unmatched in his life despite a galaxy of worthy contending moments in his stupid and disastrous life.

Fun trivia note: Harris County houses the largest still-active, official branch of the KKK. I don’t know why this completely random fact pops into my head here, but it does. Brains are weird.

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