Nerding Day: The Q*bert Extended Universe

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5 replies on “Nerding Day: The Q*bert Extended Universe”

A herring aid is obviously a fish dildo—in this case herring sized because Goldie is a size queen.

The best thing about Q*bert is that his existence prevents Scott Adams from making the worst crossover imaginable

What maniac decided to put the answers to the riddles upside down?

These aren’t some kind of secret coordinates you’re trying to hide from Nazi spies – they’re just punchlines. No kid is going to sit down with a pad and pencil and try to carefully work out the solution to “What are King Kong’s Favorite Cookies?” They just want the quick, sweet release of reading, without having to turn the page upside down, the answer is “Chocolate Chimps.”

I thought Q Bert had little nubbin feets why do all of these pictures look like a foot pervert took a crack at them

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