Teamworking Day: Muryo Waza

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7 replies on “Teamworking Day: Muryo Waza”

Carcinisation is a more powerful force on the internet than any karate or AI.

Also, after falling behind at Christmas, I have finally gotten to basically the present day after my most recent reread! That means, by the laws that govern my life, I can read new articles, comment again, and post on the dischord. Sorry everyone!

I’ve been smacked around by a lot of horses, but luckily none of them have read this book and attempted to headbutt me in the vulva. I was going to order a copy but I can’t risk the horses getting ahold of it.

it’s just driving me fucking nuts that pollux castor is almost the name of a goddamn homestuck

Never got into Homestuck, but they probably got those names the same place this author did– those are the names of the twin stars of Gemini. Just one more bit of bizarre pseudo-mysticism.

“Muryo” means “Free”, but not like freedom. It means very specifically “doesn’t cost anything”.

Our friend attempted to name his martial art “Free Style” but accidentally named it “Style That Costs No Money”

I got about halfway through that article, looked at the scroll bar, and realized I wasn’t even a quarter of the way through that article. Then I gave a quiet prayer of thanks because I NEVER WANTED IT TO END!

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