Podcasting Day: Grifting with Alex Schmidt 🌭

It’s Podcasting Day! Available everywhere today wherever you get them, we are joined on the Dogg Zzone 9000: The Official Podcast of 1-900-🌭 by our dear friend Alex Schmidt, host of the Secretly Incredibly Fascinating Podcast for an episode where we discuss the art of grifting.

Alex tells us about Boris Skossyreffa, a Russian man who talked his way into a kingdom. Brockway shares the story of Elvira Gamboa: a Filipino woman who faked her own country. And in our bonus episode for Hot Dog Appreciators only, Seanbaby shares the cautionary tale of Matthew Kline Kader, a Vegas dirtbag who tried and failed to convince people he was a celebrity, a fighter, and a corpse.

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8 replies on “Podcasting Day: Grifting with Alex Schmidt 🌭”

So back in the day before electronic record, nobles would prove their noble status by getting a letter of recommendation from another noble, and present the letter when they went to a court outside their own. The cooler and more reliable the man who gave you the letter, the more trustworthy your noble claim.

And yes, this does mean if you find one weak link you could grift your way up to being a part of cool parties. There was a famous European dude who went around pretending he was from the exotic kingdom of Siam by doing things like sleep upright in a chair and other nonsense because no one had seen an Asian person before.

Haha classic Asian move, with their vertical beds and their horizontal chairs. Don’t get me started on their upside-down sofas and their recliners that shift in and out through time!

Could you toss your uberfans a bone and make the extra podcasts an a la carte option? I know that the work on your end would be crazy extensive, but think of the tens of dollars you could rake in.

I’m not following, like some kind of store where you could buy bonus episodes one at a time? That is, indeed, way too much work for no return, sorry. We’ll be archiving the bonus episodes and figuring out a way to track them though, so you could effectively wait a few months, up your tier to get access for just a month and download them all, and it would be LIKE paying a couple dollars per episode! If you insist on doing that!

Boris Skossyreffa? Haha, that’s a girl’s name (seriously, SkossyreffA is the feminine form of a family name).

I might need a remedial class on What The Fuck You Need To Do to access the bonus podcast. I think I’m patreon-ing enough. But am I? And how would pocketcast know either way? I have questions. Unsettlingly boomerish questions.

All the bonus content goes in Untubed Sausage, the Discord channel for behind the scenes/bonus content. Check the pinned messages there. Once you have the link you could probably download it and open it through your preferred listening service somehow, but it won’t show up everywhere automatically. There’s just no way to do that while linking to Patreon tiers!

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