The Best Hot Dogs of 2022: Podcasting Day 🌭

There is no Zzone higher than the Dogg Zzone 9000, and we proved it in 2022. Picking only six of our best episodes was impossible, so we picked five. Here they are, in chronological order:

Episode 56: Brockway’s Barbarian Game with Brian McClellan

In a time of high adventure, two identical muscled maniacs did things that made no sense for 90 minutes. Robert “Game Master” Brockway saw this and thought, “Recreating this dislogic would be the ultimate puzzle.” And so he invited author Brian McClellan to be Seanbaby’s barbarian brother and see if they were barbarian enough to navigate the plot of 1987’s Barbarians. It birthed an entire new genre of podcast game and taught a nation to dream.

Episode 74: Hunting Psychic Bigfoot with Jason Pargin

Recently, a group of diabetes outpatients armed only with many shotguns went into the woods to hunt an unthinkable enemy– a sasquatch that controls the minds of men. It also maybe married a little Native American girl? The point is, the heroes of Mountain Monsters went up against it with all their expertise and weaponry and came away from the operation with only four minutes of footage of them falling down, some of it nude. It was a big win for a terrifying Bigfoot, and you might be next. Quickly, before or while you get nudely mind-controlled, buy Jason Pargin’s latest novel: If This Book Exists You’re in the Wrong Universe.

Episode 77: Dumber Than Real with Hana Michels

Dumber Than Real is a game where contestants compete to give dumb fake answers to questions with dumb real answers. Hana “Mayhem Pixie” Michels faced off against Robert “Regular Pixie” Brockway and she brought forbidden answers from realms beyond madness. Seanbaby thought he created a conceptual minefield, but Hana saw it as a playground. Her every word carried the subtext, “You can’t predict me, you fools.” She beat this game so fucking hard we retired it.

Episode 89: Congo with Lydia Bugg

There are only three things we love at 1900HOTDOG, and all of them are Congo. So when we had the idea to “watch Congo with Lydia,” we knew we were done producing the show. “Let’s find out what Liddy thought of the apes jumping into the lava,” one of us probably said in Slack. “And let’s see if she liked it when the lost species of superape got devastated by laser,” was most likely the reply. “Holy shit this is going to be a good podcast,” we each definitely thought.

Episode 100: The Kumite Home Game with Zak Koonce and Vanessa Guerrero

The Kumite Home Game is a roleplaying system too brilliant to properly explain. No mind can take it, and unless you’re a genius, this sentence will make no sense: three sexy Bloodsport experts play different lobes of Frank Dux’s brain as his body battles its way through the 1988 movie based on his fabricated life story. Actually, never mind. Even a total idiot could understand what that means and why it’s great. What a fantastic year this has been for everyone who listens to us. Happy Bloodsport to you all.