Hot Dog Year in Review: The Very Best Podcasting Days of 2021 🌭

When we launched the Dogg Zzone 9000 last year, we honestly had no idea what it was about. You can hear us in those early episodes trying all sorts of zany shit just hoping to land on the one hook that would make us stand out in a crowded market. We did not find it, we forgot we were ever looking for it, and it was the best decision we ever refused to make. Please enjoy the vast array of podcasts we used our podcast to make this year.

Megan Wants A Murderer, Part 1 with Eddie Doty

Producer Eddie Doty used his insider information and professional insight to explain how 2000s reality show, Megan Wants a Millionaire, brought down the reality TV industry. It’s a fascinating tale of greed, corporate politics, and even a murder. “I bet I could find the murderer just by how much he sucks on this show,” Brockway claimed. The rest of this 5-part series is about that.

The Hulk Text Adventure Game, with Ali Fisher and Carly Monardo

Hailing from hilarious actual-play D&D podcast Rude Tales of Magic, Ali Fisher and Carly Monardo are used to roleplaying games. Brockway took this as a personal insult, and tasked them all with roleplaying the Hulk as he went insane fighting ants in a hole.

No Right Answers, with Hana Michels

Seanbaby built a carefully structured, fun new quiz show! He invited Hana Michels on! She tore it down. She tore it all down right to the foundation and she laughed, readers, she laughed in that wreckage for six days and six nights until a new star appeared in the sky to guide her to the next game that needed ruining. It was magnificent. 

The Satanic Panic, with Jason Pargin

Jason Pargin often has to talk about things that wound and depress him, but our show is kind of his release valve – a place where he gets to kick back and just have fun. So this episode is about the Satanic Panic, which personally harmed his family and ruined much of the country during his early childhood. It’s a great time for everybody but Jason Pargin!

UFC 1 Was a Magical Shit Storm, with Zak Koonce

UFC 1 happened in a time when we had no idea what mixed martial arts should look like, so the producers invited the cast of a Dollar Tree Street Fighter knock-off to an improvised battle royale, in an effort to determine the ultimate fighting style! And it worked! It turns out the ultimate fighting style looks a lot like gentle hugging, nobody was prepared for that revelation, and absolutely everybody involved hated it.