Best of 2023 – Dennard Dayle

In 2023 Dennard Dayle brought Hot Dogging to new heights. He repeatedly sought out and brought to light pure, true evil to expose its soft underbelly to the swords of his fine, dense mockery. And he also watched a lot of anime, presumably as punishment for the first thing.

Fucking Day: Send Nudes Body SOS

Body shaming, body dysmorphia, body horror, if it’s terrible and in regards to the body – Send Nudes has it all! If you’ve ever rejoiced at an unwanted nude from a sad, sad stranger, this is the game show for you. By which we mean you were on this game show. We hope you won the grand prize of unpaid-for plastic surgery!

Punching Day: Swerved

Vince McMahon is the devil. He’s one of those evils we were talking about earlier, with the underbellies. That’s not news. 2023 wasn’t about breaking the story that Vince McMahon eats the souls of the unborn for fuel – we’ve known that since the ‘80s. 2023 was about pointing out how fucking stupid he looks while doing it. Take SWERVED, his failed version of PUNK’D that wanted to see what happens when you prank professional wrestlers, notorious takers of jokes.

Learning Day: The Society of Classical Poets

Dennard found such a deep well of pretension and racism in an online classical poetry appreciation forum that it actually absorbed him. He broke the prime directive and became the subject! Media historians, if you’re looking for it: This is the point where he became the Hot Dog Charlie Kaufman.

Nerding Day: Law & Order SVU’s Gamergate Episode

If you’re trying to teach your grandpa about GamerGate, first of all, stop. He doesn’t need to know about that. Let him die believing there’s some dignity in the world he fought wars for. But if you insist, the only way to help your grandpa truly understand GamerGate is with this longform comedy article about Law & Order SVU’S GamerGate episode: The one where Ice T fights sex crimes at E3. By the end of it, your grandpa will understand that last sentence, and he will hate you for it!

Upsetting Day: 52 Devotions for Cat Lovers

We can only think of, tops, 15 ways cats are like the benevolence of Christ. They both have multiple lives, are highly disruptive, and shit in a box. Damn, that was only three? There’s simply no way they cram 52 of them in this book, and they don’t, but it’s nice watching them go completely insane from the effort.

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If Dennard is now hotdog’s anime guy (may kami-sama have mercy on his keikaku), then he must finish what Brockway started. I need y’all to finish watching Utena. Japanese Evanescence demands it.

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